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Welcome to Queer Social

Curating Safe Spaces and Community for LGBTQ+ People

What's Queer Social?

We're the new social platform curated exclusively for LGBTQ+ Folx, from the creators of GIRL SOCIAL + GUY SOCIAL events. Since 2014, we've been hosting hugely successful in-real-life events for our communities in NYC, San Diego and other cities across the US.

With the changing social and political times on social media and the presence or or lack of Safe Spaces for LGBTQ people across the country we felt the need to launch our own platform and online community for Queer People. We still host events and social gatherings in person but also now online, we've created this exciting new hub where we can all come together virtually to engage in conversation, culture + community building. This platform is free of Ads, Spams, & Queer Censorship you find on mainstream social media.

Our mission is the same today as it was at our very 1st event: We're here to create safe spaces + build community for all our fellow LGBTQ+ Folx, just like You!

Most importantly, Queer Social is judgement free and ALL-INCLUSIVE. Everyone is welcome to join our community, no matter what gender, gender expression, sexual orientation, age, race, or religion you identify/present yourself as. 

Why You Should Subscribe to QS

When you subscribe to our Paid Membership, you're not only getting full access to our entire community + premium features (FREE online events, member-only exclusives, discounts, concerts, live shows, community chat rooms), you're helping build  & maintain a Safe-Space online Queer Community during these changing times. Plus on our platform, there's NO Ads, No Spam, No Hate, Not Ever!

Becoming a member & supporter is just $29.99/year (that's right, a YEAR. It's like buying 2 Cosmos or 3 craft beers!). When you subscribe, you're enabling us to: Grow our platform, offering people a place to find community where many have have none, and Continue to offer the best quality experiences + signature events you've come to love from Queer Social, Girl Social & Guy Social! 


Join us at weekly Happy Hour for FREE, Wednesdays at 7pm EST 

You can get a feel of what we're all about by joining our weekly Wednesday Happy Hour for FREE! Click this link to enter our private LGBTQ+ Zoom: 



Check out all of our upcoming events, tickets sales are now live!

Join us at some of our AWESOME, Inclusive monthly events, such as:

 LASER TAG, BOWLING NIGHTS, POOL PARTIES, GALLERY TOURS, GAME NIGHTS, MOVIE NIGHTS, and much much more! Click this link for the latest events:



We Owe All of Our Success To YOU

We could never have done any of our events, or been as successful as we have become, without all of YOU. It's loyal members like yourselves that made Girl Social, Guy Social, and now QUEER SOCIAL what we are today: All-inclusive, judgement free, safe spaces + events for LGBTQ+ Folx!

We applaud you, and send out a huge "THANK YOU" to everyone who's helped us get to where we are today. We are humbled and eternally grateful :-)

Come join us on this new endeavor and let's take our community to new heights!